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Worldwide De Jure

"Reclaiming Our most basic and Inalienable Rights. One right at a time".

     The erosion of Our Rights as Living Beings has declined steady, in every country on earth, for nearly the past two centuries. Now, true De Jure Peoples Assemblies are forming around the globe.

     These assemblies are robust forums (not of a select few) for the thoughtful, intelligent debate of fully recognizing the Individual's Rights and Responsibilities' as Living Beings.  Through honest and constructive discussion of peaceful ways to reestablish. Our God Given Inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness for All; as the Individual best sees fit. But also, how to Live with one another from neighborhoods and communities to villages and towns to states or provinces to countries; as a diverse peoples of this world. 

     With the end goal being a minimalistic governance to assure the Basics for Life for all: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Water, Energy and the Inalienable Rights of the Individual. Reversing the current inherent failures of dependency, control, limitation, fear, war, want and scarcity. Replacing it with a common course and purpose in cooperation, under Universal Natural Law. This would restore creativity, innovation, compassion, self-determination, self-purpose, respect, personal and community responsibilities. Leading to a more prosperous, harmonious balance for the individual and the whole of humanity to grow.

People Logo 1.png
People Logo 1.png

People Standing for their Rights

"As the individual, you recognize that you have Inalienable God Given Rights."


     One fundamental, irrefutable fact is that each Individual Life has Inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness without hindrance or interference of another or group. 

     It is this innate personal understanding and internal desire of the individual to connect to others who have this internal understanding. In commonality seek to excerpt this understanding to assert these Rights in peaceful assemblage to Redress through Recourse seeking Remedy from those who do or would violate these Fundamental, Irrefutable Inalienable God Given Rights. 

     "Be aware, your rights end where another's rights begin". It is each of ours's personal responsibility to respect, honor and protect these rights for us and all others. Rise Up and Stand - Step Forward and Speak in Respect for Yourself and with (not at) Others - In a Constructive, not Destructive, manner to Find and Implement Solutions. The power is ours and ours alone to Restore Humanity for this generation and the generations to come.

A Special Thanks

To all of the MEN and WOMEN, in every country. A SPECIAL THANKS for having the COURAGE to Stand and bring your Voice forward in this TIME. For taking this OPPORTUNITY to reclaim OUR most basic RIGHTS!

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