• Sacred Soul Art by Artist Natasha Pavey

22.2.22 Portal - Light Language Activation

Sacred Soul Art by: Artist Natasha Pavey

A light language activation for the 22.2.22 portal. Clear all remaining energetic blocks and free yourself from limiting belief systems, old programs and habits that are no longer for your highest good. By removing old energetic blockages and programming, we free ourselves up for an abundance of new ways of being, inspirations, creativity, love - all we truly are. 💗

Take a few deep breaths in, breathing in healing light and breathing out anything you wish to let go of. Let the light language activation flow through your energy field whilst absorbing the frequencies of the 22.2.22 portal light code. The combination of the two will help to release all that no longer serves you. This video can be listened to before, during and after the 22.2.22 portal to receive the current energies.

Please drink a glass of water afterwards to ground these new energies into your physical being.

Thank you for being here at this time, I send you much love 💜.

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