• Sacred Soul Art by Artist Natasha Pavey

A New Earth was Born!

Sacred Soul Art by: Artist Natasha Pavey

And a new day (Earth) was born 💜. It’s been miserable here, cloud covering for a couple of weeks. But look what this morning brings… a new dawn 💜

👆🏻Good morning 💜This morning I received this guidance…. “Welcome to new earth! It is done! You Starseed's have made it! We are overjoyed with love for you all. We are crying tears of joy as you write this. We thank you whole heartedly. Now is the time to rest, integrate and fully absorb what you have accomplished; how far you have come and all changes that have happened along the way and within you. You deserve so much love. Abundance in all forms is raining down upon you in a golden shower of light. Stand proud, for you have brought in the love and light of the new earth and anchored it in. Now is time for great celebrations! Do not let the external disturb your plethora of beautiful energies. Continue to hold the love in your hearts and the light within your bodies. We love you all so very much - it is done.” 🙏💜🙌🏻💕 backed up by these 2 cards…. The blue flame - spontaneous awakening. Activation. Integration time. And Brigid - inner strength. Move back into wholeness. Recognize that you have the power. 🤩 Much love to you all xxx