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All I want for Christmas is Love

Written by: Vezuel

“Unconditional love is holding vibration alignment with who you are no matter what is going on around you”. - Abraham Hicks

The topic of unconditional love has become very modern. The love from which we were supposedly impoverished by programming, and we must learn to give again. They programmed us for years until we completely forgot about love. Manipulators always do everything wisely, but we are not innocent either. The program has been pushed into our hearts everywhere and that's a fact. On the other hand, we are guilty of deepening it and creating an imaginary inherited sin that has many forms.

The fact that “we cannot, we have no claim, we are not good enough, we do not fit into perfect society” and the community, and worst of all, “we are not worthy of unconditional love” and we are afraid that we are not condemned for our thoughts by those who care.

Another very important weapon of the matrix is ​​the emotion of fear of rejection. Why are we constantly afraid of this or that? Let´s show our true colors. Let us not prolong our discomfort by being afraid to express what the soul feels! Not only will this lead to a long-term depression or deepening of the program, but also to the physical consequences of a real heartbreak, which is a clear indicator of love in us. After all, it is human and natural. Let's not be afraid to say and do what we want, because there is always a 99.9% chance of success. Always! This is the path of ascension. “Love is the way” is not a phrase.

Let's try to lay yourself at that special Christmas line when commercial love is presented. Let us feel unconditional love and, above all, let us stop worrying and caring about what the community in which we live think or about the rules we have followed all our lives. That is past and we are on new path of love, understanding and expressing ourselves. Let us look deep within ourselves, illuminate the spark of the divine particle, and stop hiding our most powerful weapon – love deep within our higher selves.

Are you still scared? I am no longer. I'm going to start a famous chain message that needs to be spread and I believe my message will find its recipient.

"I love you and I do care!"

- Vezuel

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