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ASK YOURSELF??? (Part 1, Intro)

Updated: May 19

Bella Bisbee


This house in Marcinelle, Belgium near Charleroi that was one of many that he owned with no proven income to justify their ownership, once belonged to the infamous convicted pedophile serial killer Marc Dutroux; the city of Charleroi has announced that the house is to be demolished to make way for a small remembrance park.

The site of child killer Marc Dutroux’s to become a garden of remembrance | VRT NWS: news

In my new Blog Post, "Ask Yourself???", which I will be sharing exclusively here on the United News Channel Website, I have documented details of how people from various backgrounds and walks of life have been targeted for discreditation, have died suddenly being labeled suicide, or were simply and openly murdered. Many instances were branded as suicide (in the US, some call it Arkancide, referencing the Clintons) while they, their families and loved ones were systematically targeted and their life’s work was totally discredited, or in the worst-case scenario, they were targeted, discredited and then eliminated. Throughout the years, the perpetrators have become more and more openly brazen in their actions to the point that they no longer even attempt to hide their actions. simply take a close look at the Epstein "suicide" to verify this point.

We will go on this journey together as we tie information directly to the documentary that we are currently producing called “The Road to Rome, The Price of Currency”. This documentary is where, if you are brave enough and/or thirsty enough for the truth, you will journey through the carefully and thoughtfully laid-out history of how this life-sucking group of saturn/satanists and luciferia/venus worshippers came into power and how they have systematically and methodically created systems throughout known history to consciously and consistently devolve human life on earth for their own benefit.

They, who we will now call "the Elite" have violated our God-given free will, all the while placing their perverted symbols on every corporate brand, building and entity even as they have woven them throughout our favorite movies and music. They honestly believe they will not have bad Karma for their evil actions towards humanity, if they tell us the truth. According to their own words and hidden contracts made in our names, we are nothing more than; their slaves, their chattel, their herd, their cash-cows, their paths to not only becoming filthy rich in the most obnoxious and self-centered ways, but while they loosh (harvest) our very God-Given spark, our Life Force, we provide their path to the complete takeover of EVERY government, eco system and individual on earth.

Satan Saturn Truth, David Icke

This story is not for the faint hearted, and as you will quicky see, the truth of what has happened to humanity is a filthy perverse sticky worldwide web of lies, blackmail, extortion and worse; utilizing a corrupt, carefully organized, corporately structured, contractually licensed and approved worldwide cult of death. This is not about politics, religion, left vs right, race or gender diversity or any other known diversion tactic. The simple truth is this; the journey that we are on together leads us to the path where we can rise together, in unity, above the darkness, to see the truth; the battle is clearly light vs dark and good vs evil.

As you will soon see, we will look at documented facts about real people and their families and friends who were terribly impacted by their discreditation and deaths; the famous and the not so famous, the rich and not so rich, investigators, journalists, perpetrators, witnesses, family members, innocent bystanders, real people from every walk of life.

Our focus will begin in the 1950's and move forward seventy years or so into current history for specific people and cases or we would be here forever. We will show you that no place in the world has been exempt from this tragedy, however, the “The Road to Rome, The Price of Currency” will detail the true history of where they came from and how they amassed their ill-gotten gain. Throughout the years, the perpetrators have become more and more openly brazen in their actions to the point that they do not even attempt to hide their actions...take a close look at the Epstein "suicide" to easily verify this point.

I will be posting approximately every week, so please come back again and visit this blog post where I will detail many worldwide cases expanding on this very important subject.

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