• Bella Bisbee

ASK YOURSELF??? (Part 2, Are Social Justice Schemes truly facilitating change in society?

Updated: May 19

Ask yourself:

Today we look closely at "woke", "cancel culture" and "social justice" movements including the “Me Too”, “Pink Pussy Hat”, “Black Lives Matters”, “Rainbow Coalition”, “Alphabet Mafia”, "Non-Bullying" movements, etc., etc., operating currently in society.

The blog I am in the process of posting over a number of coming weeks contains details about real people's lives. They were easily found and documented from many different public sources, many from insiders and whistle-blowers, and we all need to ask, "Why were they allowed to happen" "How can all of these individual incidents possibly occur with so many social justice warriors on the job?" " Logically thinking, "Can the documented connections between them all be coincidences?"