• Bella Bisbee

ASK YOURSELF??? (Part 2, Are Social Justice Schemes truly facilitating change in society?

Updated: May 20

Ask yourself:

Today we look closely at "woke", "cancel culture" and "social justice" movements including the “Me Too”, “Pink Pussy Hat”, “Black Lives Matters”, “Rainbow Coalition”, “Alphabet Mafia”, "Non-Bullying" movements, etc., etc., operating currently in society.

The blog I am in the process of posting over a number of coming weeks contains details about real people's lives. They were easily found and documented from many different public sources, many from insiders and whistle-blowers, and we all need to ask, "Why were they allowed to happen" "How can all of these individual incidents possibly occur with so many social justice warriors on the job?" " Logically thinking, "Can the documented connections between them all be coincidences?"

The really concerning and sad thing is, there a pattern, which you will see if you truly look. It goes something like this: something big comes out into the news cycle and suddenly, something else comes along to divert the attention of the general public. For example, just a couple of weeks ago, as Dinesh D'souza, released his thorough and very well-done expose on worldwide election fraud, a diversion occurred; D'Souza's expose on Obama in 2012 landed him in jail where he says that he thanked them as he was finally able to see the truth, that the world is being ruled by a worldwide cartel of elites! Almost immediately, the Supreme Court "allegedly" leaked or unwillingly released their ruling detailing to the world their decision to overturn Roe vs Wade. Immediately, paid agitators and those filled with hate for Life came out of the woodwork to protest and cause a huge diversion from the truth, which is the fact that the dark elites have no other ploy to utilize in their playbooks other than paying for and stirring up more hatred and division in order to mask the truth behind their actions. if you begin to watch and notice what happens in every big item news cycle, this is the same playbook used for years to command our attention and to keep us focused on what "they" want us to believe instead of the truth. I challenge you to prove me wrong in this!

Please watch this film which is available from multiple sources, here is aYouTube link to rent or purchase for your convenience.

Even as the alternative news sites continue to show the world more and more of the truth about corrupted elections worldwide, the truth about what vaccinations are doing to our world and specifically the ungodly side effects documented in the many sudden deaths due to Myocarditis of twenty somethings, what the pedophile agenda truly i