• Bella Bisbee

ASK YOURSELF??? (Part 4, How many children and other victims had to die?)

The Franklin/Boys Town Scandal

This week's blog covers the list of known discreditations, and unexplained deaths related to The Franklin/Boys Town Scandal.

I write in memory of all of the thousands of un-named children through-out history who were used, abused and eliminated, never to be heard from again, please take a quiet moment to remember them and if you pray, pray for them and the families left behind Many of these children were Foster care kids, unresolved kidnapping cases or were children born off-grid by satan-worshipping families and there is no official record of them…throw-aways, as society calls them...

*** Warning: The following video contains information for mature viewers only. Please be advised ***

This week's blog covers the list of known discreditations, and unexplained deaths related to 1970s & 80s Franklin/Boys Town Scandal.

Think about this for a moment, if you will…

A world where those you have been taught to idolize, emulate and trust, the high-profile leaders and idols of society, are the planners, perpetrators and enablers behind an evil plot to rob us of our most precious and innocent members of humanity to use for their own perverted purposes.

A world where life itself has been de-valued and monetized to the point where it is no more than a commodity to be bought, sold and traded, stolen and manipulated in every way possible.

A world where the same organized crime units, mafias and cartels who trade in land, drugs, guns, stolen cars, and anything else they desire, also traffic human organs and people (for sex), especially children.

A world where anyone who steps up to reveal the truth by “whistle blowing” or who attempts to assist victims in any way are targeted with at the least, reputation smearing and career de-railing, and at the worst, physical harm and even murder…

A world where the main-stream media is fully complicit in the fraud and perversion and enables (actually forces) their lies down humanity's proverbial throat, and where you begin to see if you dare to open your eyes, that everything is structured the way it is because of an insatiable lust for greed and power.

The common thread in all of th