• Jana Fechová

Cities of the Future

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Written by Jana Fechová, Slovakia

- Urban infrastructure - New type of community housing - Water as the basis of life

- Food self-sufficiency - Unity and spiritual dimension of the new society

A new type of community housing

Perhaps from the very beginning of the existence of civilization on earth, for easier survival, one has always tried to associate with certain types of communities. The same basic pattern persists to this day.

One tries to live in places where he has as much comfort as possible for himself and his family and where he will have his needs secured. The basic needs change from time to time in parallel with the change in society. It can be said that the very best model for community housing consists of the core, which consists of cities with offers of work and life in suburbs, utilized for downtime and family life.

The movement of people living in this type of housing looks like a wave, when in the morning traffic goes towards the city centers – work and in the afternoon out – the suburbs, towards relaxation. Of course, as the number of people increases, so does the number of cars and therefore air pollution, higher consumption of materials for their production and greater fuel consumption. However, with increasing problems for food growers around the world, there is a risk that supply will not be enough to meet demand.

In 2020, the number of trucks that bring food to Slovakia was up to 800 a day. It can therefore be said that we are a country that is heavily dependent on external food supplies. Our fields are mainly used for growing technically used crops and feed crops. Most of all, we import fruits, vegetables, meat and meat products which Slovak producers can also provide.

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