• Nolan Austin

Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell’s trail began Monday

Written by: Nolan Austin

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“Evil plays many games. The old saying, the greatest trick the devil ever played on the world was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. The devil was never singular but plural; not physical but spiritual. It inhabits the bodies of kings, queens, presidents, leaders of all kinds, and celebrities alike. It basks in the limelight and seeks to break your mind, body and soul; all with a smile while whispering sweet nothings in your ear. This is the devil, no matter how pretty the face; it is hate, it is greed, it is lust, and it wants to devour you, WHY? This is its nature.” – Ryall Meskakah, from his poem “My countries love of evil”

When a big-name player, privy to the shadow world of the elite’s echelons and their dark depilatory winds up in the public eye. It quickly becomes apparent that the public will never see the truth in the light of day. After all, this is the true face of the elites, their non-human psychopathy as the predators of humanity. Rape, torture, murder, sacrifice; all in their dark worship of their god “death” is their privilege and right. To them, they are the “ruling classchosen to be the masters, kings and queens or a more familiar phrase “the powers and principalities”.

The big break four years ago for the public to see the real currency and trade of this world; human, sex trafficking and the world of pedophilia was NXIVM. Though a baby step into this world, we were introduced to the hidden dark world within our world. The introduction of big names like Alison Mack, Keith Raniere; big family connections like the Bronfman sisters of the billionaire family, owners of the Canadian Distillers Corporation-Seagram. It was the entrance into the dark world hidden from the public showing the perversion of humanity by the few self-appointed rulers. Acting beyond the rules, above the masses.