• Andrea Share

Global supply chain shortages?

Written by: Andrea Share

With Christmas just a few months away and still in the every evolving misnomer of the “Covid 19” hoax. We see store shelves dwindling and prices skyrocketing for everything from: gasoline, electronics, dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, to heating and energy bills. Nothing is escaping this gravity well of deceit. A global pandemic caused the world to shutdown for almost a year, and no one thought in a world dependent on imported goods there would be no issues?

Shortage would infer, there is a limit to something being available, right? Yet image after image from multiple nations around the world show massive container ships sitting offshore. Each container ship is stuffed to the brim with goods of all kinds. ( Container ship - Wikipedia) (How Much Bigger Can Container Ships Get? - Asiana USA) Then reports like this surfacing (The Streets Of Los Angeles Are Overflowing With Cargo Trucks (msn.com)) of shipping containers stranded in the streets becoming public nuisances and potentially health/ environmental hazards depending on what is within the container. Most ports worldwide are open and at near full operating capacity. So, what is the disconnect, you have fully functioning ports, full container ships just waiting to be unloaded and trucks to pick up and disperse to consumers?