• Bella Lynn

Guess what??? Taking a break this week from Ask Yourself???

Bella Bisbee, June 10, 2022

My two Guest Blogs this week features former Army Officer (WestPoint Graduate) author, and child advocate, Joachim Hagopian, who has had a huge impact on worldwide education regarding pedophilia through his books, and as blogged by James Fetzer below.

Joachim Hagopean

First, though I am adding an advertisement for his books.

For those who have not followed him as I have throughout my educational and sometimes emotionally stressful journey to learn the truth about organized Pedop….a.

Please continue on to read both James Fetzer blogs from Hagopean from May and June 2022, below; they are very comprehensive, thought-provoking and relevant. If you have not heard of the Russian Revolution's "Operation Trust", you MUST read all the way to the end:

Contents – Satanic Empire (pedoempire.org)