• Vezuel & Jeffery O'Neal

Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again…

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Part 1

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Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again… (unitednewschannel.org)

Written by: Vezuel & Jeffery O'Neal

“We as a people see our selves as small, weak and incapable. The problem with this mindset? If you believe it long enough. Any wizard behind the curtain, only using smoke and mirrors can convince you they are strong. And that you must follow them or else.”- Angela Sause

“I remember, I remember when people had hope, drive, ambition, courage. My great grandfather told me of the days settling the new lands of the west. I saw for myself this, when nature and God were all you needed. Then one day, some guy in a uniform with a piece of paper and an army with guns pointed at us showed up. He told us we had to leave, that this land was theirs and we were trespassing. I remember, I remember...”- Unknown Author “Trail of Tears Memories”

Never before has humanity been at the precipice of once and for all severing it’s long dependency on centralized “A-U-T-H-O-R-I-T-Y”. Authority is a tricky little addiction, like most illicit drugs or power. A divisive power that sickens the soul of the bearer who isn’t strong enough to wield it with limitation and respect for others and oneself. “Authority you say, without authority society would collapse into a Mad Max meets Water World dystopia, quickly dispersed around the world killing my grandma.” My response as humbly as I can tender it in all sincerity and without political correctness, “What the hell have you been smoking?”