• Vezuel & Jeffery O'Neal

Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again…

Part 2, All hail her royal majesty, the Queen of Canada

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Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again… (unitednewschannel.org)

Written by: Vezuel & Jeffery O’Neal

Why would you fight to remove one king or queen or emperor or god; to only turn around and replace them with a new one?” – Alexi Branzeki, 1976 unpublished retort to Carl Marx supporters

Canada, the central piece of the whole massive worldwide Covid 19 vaccine push. Where hundreds of prominent officials and business leaders are deeply embroiled in the research and manufacturing of this highly experimental bioweapon. Who stand to make trillions upon trillions of dollars, hence the ramp up for compulsory mandates requiring immunization of all by means of forced vaccination ($$$) around the world. For one of the highest survivability percentages for a virus (98.9%), of all time. Covid is simply a reclassification of various respiratory alignments (cold, flu, bronchitis, so on) that have occurred in living memory. Repackaged and sold ($$$)by the media(?), politicians(?), scientist(?) and celebrities/ influencers(?). Why are there NO official advertisements by the various vaccine manufactures being broadcast on your tv, radio, social media? Why is it only media, politicians, celebrates, influencers? Perhaps circumventing established laws requiring the disclosure of all ingredients and known side effects?

Canadians are very much aware of the hoax, their native lands role and the growing rift between Canadians. Those who stand for freedom and health choice; to Canadians who have become the official enforcers of the hoax reporting neighbors, family and friends to the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo), I mean police.

But in recent years,