• Vezuel & Jeffery O'Neal

Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again…

Part 3, Spiritual White Boy, M1, 5 Star “Trust” (the Marshall Plan)

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Written by: Vezuel & Jeffery O’Neal

“My crime? What’s my crime you ask? My crime is thinking for myself when society says I must agree with them.” - Andy Griffith

So far, in this exploration of Heralds, Prophets and Saviors; one thing is becoming clear. There is a pattern forming between one program and another. Each of these parasitic programs are well aware of one another but can’t reveal the agenda and motives of another program; without exposing their own agenda and motives. These programs are centered around the various factions that comprise many intelligence agencies and military organizations from around the world employed by various hidden controllers. These programs are actually known as counterintelligence (cointel) programs (pro)/ operations (op) with assets known as cointel operators (these are individuals not associated directly with the group sponsoring them for nefarious purposes such as misinformation campaigns, etc.).