• Vezuel & Jeffery O'Neal

Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again…

Part 3, Spiritual White Boy, M1, 5 Star “Trust” (the Marshall Plan)

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Written by: Vezuel & Jeffery O’Neal

“My crime? What’s my crime you ask? My crime is thinking for myself when society says I must agree with them.” - Andy Griffith

So far, in this exploration of Heralds, Prophets and Saviors; one thing is becoming clear. There is a pattern forming between one program and another. Each of these parasitic programs are well aware of one another but can’t reveal the agenda and motives of another program; without exposing their own agenda and motives. These programs are centered around the various factions that comprise many intelligence agencies and military organizations from around the world employed by various hidden controllers. These programs are actually known as counterintelligence (cointel) programs (pro)/ operations (op) with assets known as cointel operators (these are individuals not associated directly with the group sponsoring them for nefarious purposes such as misinformation campaigns, etc.).

Plausible deniability is the holiest of words to these groups, who act as agents of chaos and misdirection. They know the largest secret in the world today. In which they are charged by the hidden controllers to prevent the public at large from knowing (these groups will go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals: from the vilest of public slander campaigns to intimidation and even mass murder). The Covid 19 pandemic is a hoax? That the whole global warming/ climate change frenzy is a farce? That Biden is the real-life incarnation of Weekend at Bernie’s? Even though each of the previous statements are true and are clues, NO. The best term is the Law of Diminishing Returns (when there is a decrease in the marginal output of the production process as a consequence of an increase in the amount of single factor of production, while the amounts of other parameters of production remain constant). This is in reference to the worldwide financial system and how for every decade for the last century, less and less is available with the last two decades doubling the losses, leaving even less available then the previous eight decades. Less raw materials, less goods, less assets, less money; despite the overall increase in population and demand.

2008 was more important than anyone thought and NO, we haven’t recovered from that global recession. In fact, we are in a global depression, that makes the American Great Depression of the 1920’s look like a day at the beach. The problem is the GREED of a few, greed is one of the deadliest of the seven deadly sins. In the world today, there are very few real assets available to the controllers. So now they have to funnel what little is left back to them, from the masses. By means of culling the herd a.k.a., us. Enter the two biggest scams today, Covid 19 - vaccine/ bioweapon deployment = extermination and crypto currency - trading real assets for digital Monopo