• Vezuel & Jeffery O'Neal

Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again…

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

(Part 4) The Tomorrow Game with the Queen of the queens and her court of jesters…

Part 3 Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again… (unitednewschannel.org)

Written by: Vezuel & Jeffery O’Neal

Before we begin this final installment of Heralds, Prophets and Saviors! Oh, My! Again… Part 4. We here at United News Channel, have a statement and brief history.


UNC Statement
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Now as we have reached the conclusion of this series. We would like to take a moment, to remind everyone that the Queen of Canada, Spiritual White Boy Trust(s) and today’s topic are merely a few in the Sea of Lies and Confusion inflicted on our world. These groups/ programs are a continuation of the demise of the darkness from our world today. It may get bleaker before people start to see the LIGHT. But the LIGHT is there, all you have to do is remove the distortions instilled within us. Be the change, literally starts in you and progresses out from there.

You may have heard these terms, titles and names in recent years.

Queen of queens - Ground Commander - the Interim Head of State – Guardian – Trustee – Ambassador - the Trust - Unknown Country - Country “0” Zero - Kingdom of Manna - Kingdom of Hawaii - Manna World Holding Trust – Mitochondrial Eve - Life Force - G Force - Speak Project - Kre8change - Guardians of Camelot - UNN (United News Network) – UNN Plus – Truth, Honor & Integrity - the Peoples Club - Global Intelligence Agency - Director of the Central Intelligence of the Global Intelligence Agency - Kimberly Ann Goguen - Kim Possible – Kristie Adams - Steffen Rowe – Tank - Steffen “Tank” Rowe - Tank of America - Living with Lisa - Speak Up with Tank & Lisa - Thomas Williams - Lisa Taylor/ Lisa Thomas – Vera Gagnon- Collin McClive - Dan Lutz - The Viking/ George Hart - Max Lowen - Martin Carlson - Jeffery Knepper - Diana Marcos - Christi Butler - Jeanne Anne Norton - Sandra “RN” Rodriguez - R. Wayne Fischer - Nyla Bravesnow – Michael Schneider - Lane (Elane) Keller and so many others.

These groups change names, faster than they flip-on-one another and label each other agents, infiltrators and spies; oh my… There is one commonality to each of these groups, names and titles and that is one Ms. Kimberly Ann Goguen. Kimberly Ann Goguen claims to be the “Trustee”, or in current iterations of her story “Guardian”. “Trustee/ Guardian of what exactly”? All of the world’s assets: land, minerals, buildings, agencies, and even We the People. How exactly is that, as you scratch your head and say, “what the f***”? Well, to make that story as short as possible, here we go.