• Sacred Soul Art by Artist Natasha Pavey

How Sacred Soul Art began

Written by: Natasha Pavey

How Sacred Soul Art Began

Back at the beginning of 2020 I received guidance to start painting (After not painting for 15 years) and this is the piece I created. It is titled “Remembering Atlantis (Codes from the ocean)”.

When I last did any painting, I created traditional paintings like flowers and buildings with paints and on canvas. I was told in 2017 by two different mediums that I would be creating “spiritual artwork” and selling it. At the time I didn’t believe a word of it, as I had no enjoyment in painting anymore. How wrong was I?

I started off by drawing my own mandalas, which brought me great peace, and pure enjoyment. After a couple of months my work evolved and I created this piece. I had heard of light codes, and decided to sit by the ocean in meditation to see if I could receive anything. The light codes you see in this picture are the codes I received. I then drew out by hand the design, filling it in with watercolour and gold ink, and finally adding the light codes. I was then given a title for this piece whilst in meditation. At the time I was unaware of what this painting was about. But as time has progressed I now understand what and why I create in the way I do. I have to be truly honest and say that it blows my mind. Whilst creating these pieces I go off into my own creative world and once finished I look back and wonder how on earth I created such a piece. I use the term “Energetic Frequency art” to describe the artwork that I create. I believe that my art helps humanity transmute their energy fields into a higher vibration. Connecting them to their multidimensionality and ultimately bringing them back to who they truly are.

This piece is taking the onlooker back to their life during Atlantis. The light codes contained in this piece activate an inner knowing, a remembrance of why they are currently incarnated at this time on earth. The time of great change.

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