• Silver Eagle

I, light this candle...

A beautiful message from Vezuel: All I want for Christmas is Love (unitednewschannel.org)

By: Silver Eagle

"I, light this candle within me, from Source God of all Creation. I light it with all the love I have. I ask for guidance from above, to guide us through the darkness and gather as many lost souls as we can along the way".
"As I began my journey, I realized that Life was a school. A school where in the first grade you learn how to walk and talk. As each grade ends, you start to discover yourself. You get to know yourself. After you think you know yourself, something else opens up. You start uncovering more and more about yourself, always going back to the basics. Every time you take a test, and it does not match with the Universe, you have to start over. Don't blame the mathematics of life or the schools' teachings. Begin to look at your mistakes and learn from them. After you learn that lesson, start again with a blank page. A page full of hope, knowing this time you will get there. It is amazing how before we start an action, we already have the end result inside of us! When you really know yourself, you become unstoppable! When you truly accept yourself, you are no longer invisible! There are no limits, except the limits you place upon yourself. Does your faith have limits or conditions? Does your love have limits or conditions? Does the light within you have limits or conditions? If you answered yes, your schooling isn’t complete.
In life you have to learn to read between the lines. Read people, read their words, their intentions and watch their actions. Sometimes a sigh will tell more than an article, a book and on occasion more than a library. Open your eyes and dare to see everything! Dare to help someone, even when they can give you nothing in return. Dare to love someone, even when they can’t love themselves. Dare to have faith in Source and yourself that has no end! Dare to be a beacon of light, in a dark and broken world. Light the way for those stumbling around in the dark. When you can do all these things and more, you schooling is complete! You have graduated and have become who Source of all creation intended you to be"!
Much love,
Silver Eagle

Below are two complete versions of the Poem for download...