• Patriotic Poet

It All Makes Sense

Written by: Patriotic Poet 10-7-2021

It All Makes Sense

I feel the beauty there is in life

I feel the darkness too

awareness lies deep within

I know what I must do

I taste the sweetness of joy in life

I taste the bitterness also

savor the treasures given each day

a thankfulness I try to show

I smell the fragrance of a gentle flower

I smell the acrid stench

cleanse the earth before it’s too late

lest sinister deeds entrench

I see the joy in someone’s face

I see the pain within

anguish is not for the innocent

devoid of any sin

I hear the melody of the soul

I hear the agonizing cries

music lingers in old souls

I see it in ones eyes

I touch the heart of angels above

I touch the depth of deprivation

faith and prayer are a saving grace

the only road to salvation