• Liam Smith


Written by: Liam Smith

When I was 13, I started riding motorcycles with my uncle. He was the black sheep in our family and viewed as the “Rebel”. I always found him to be cool and admired his stance on life “to live and be free as you see fit”. When I got on my first motorcycle, I remember the freedom, nothing between me and the wind. I flew down a dirt road on the backend our families farm and “boy oh boy” did I love every second. My uncle introduced me to a few necessities to help keep me safe while riding.

A good, sturdy pair of pants with some basic armoring/ reinforcement in certain key spots around the knees, ankles, groin. A good pair of boots, reinforced around the heel and ankle. A good pair of gloves that protected not just the fingers but the wrist, a helmet, a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun but debris and a nice jacket to help keep you warm and extra protection. He always said these were the basics for a safe ride, besides learning how to properly drive a motorcycle out in public. (What safety gear do you need to ride a motorcycle? | by motorcyclegear | Medium) One of the wisdoms he shared, “you will develop not just your style of riding but your look as well for it becomes an extension of you”. At first, I didn’t understand that last one but as I rode on motorcycles more, I’ve finally come to understand it very well.