• Patriotic Poet

On the Frontlines

Written by: Patriotic Poet 10-11-2021

On the Frontlines

Everything’s been taken from me and yet you still want more

decry the woes of the world denounced emancipation to my core

Ravaged by lies forged from a false narrative misconception

love, heart and soul cannot compare to any mere mortal possession

When beaten down by dark forces again I rise to battle another day

today again heaven and hell hears my cries for I have much in life to say

These deep scars on my body, these scars on my soul heart and mind

oh how they long for a peaceful moment of a reprise from moments unkind

Standing at the ready to once again fight for the truth which must be heard

alas be certain of no guarantees of what occurs for nothing can be assured

Bravery may undoubtedly flicker for a very brief moment here in time

pierced armor is a hallmark of warriors wounded in battle by all means sublime