• Jeffery O'Neal

Psychology of Propaganda leading to Hysteria (Part 4)

Weaponized social engineering of the masses at large

Opinion/ Critical Thinking Exercise written by: Jeffery O’Neal

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It may be difficult to believe, the self-proclaimed fourth estate of government “the press” (the first estate being the executive, the second estate being the legislative, and the third and final estate being the judiciary, never a mention of the fourth estate – other than the 1st Amendment, that only states “a free press” as a right, not a division of government) would be so arrogant to think they are the sole arbiters of truth, and the public must have them tell us what is true or false. It has been deliberately woven incrementally into the core of every socio-political class/ status over successive generations for the past century. That this group is separate and a higher class of individuals, to be trusted implicitly above your own intellect and others. Often with the words: truth, on your side, justice, non-biased; somewhere in their branding to place a false sense of truth, honesty to elicit trust that has never been earned. Well, up to this point, there hasn’t been any real push back or accountability placed on them.