• Andrea Share

Race, Ethnicity, Income and Gender Divides? = Divide-and-Conquer

The age-old quest to control the population by a FEW.

Written by: Andrea Share

We are this, we did that; we, we, we? When did it become a crime to think of ourselves as, I or me? We didn’t fall off that bike when I was 5, we didn’t win first place when I presented my science fair project that I spent months building in the 9th grade, we didn’t climb that mountain when me and a few others, climbed Everest??” - Ernst Schmied, 1956 response during an interview.

The misconstruing of the individual (I and me), in society has created the “false” sense of accomplishment of the whole “a.k.a. WE”. Why would one person’s accomplishment become the accomplishment of everyone? Now days it has become common place to see everyone, whether they participate or not in an activity; receive a participation trophy, medal, certificate. Or for everyone to be acknowledged for contributing to a project, even though a few actually contributed and did the work being recognized. It has a detrimental affect on the human psyche, that creates degradation of the consciousness of the individual. Usually this manifest as depression, self-loathing, doubt in oneself. In an already tumultuous daily battle to equalize ones ego (which creates the drastic imbalances in an individual that leads to being: highly aggressive rather than assertive, or overly bashful rather than moderately cautious). Creates the pendulum effect that really is a wrecking ball in a person’s life.

If this sounds so familiar, we (yes, proper context and use) have been bombarded for quite some time with this psychological/ propaganda ploy. With the endless supply of crap vomited from politicians to celebrates to influencers to professors and educators to what seems to be an endless train of self-appointed experts. Usually admonishing the public in infinite tirades so they assume responsibility for someone or something else’s behaviors or actions. Sounds familiar right? Right now, in the United States, the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal has become a multifaceted “insert cause” battle cry of the few “insert group, organization”. All screaming inequality, racism, gun violence, white privilege, gender rights. It doesn’t matter if “ insert” has anything to do with this situation or not, it’s a spotlight to draw attention to “insert” group and/or cause no matter how obscure or no connection whatsoever.