• Svetlana Bornayová

Robina Pseudo - Acacia, Weise

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

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Written by: Svetlana Bornayona`

Robina pseudo - acacia, Weise

Robinia, Robinier faux - accacia, Acacia, katechu,

khadira, gummiarabicum baum, Cutch tree

Agate is a thorny, white-flowering tree with oddly feathered leaves and fragrant white flowers that relocated from North America to Europe. It was named after the gardener of King Louis XIII of France. - Jean Robin, whose father's agate brought him from Virginia sometime around 1600. After returning from his travels, he planted him at the Jardin des Plants in Paris. And here he began his triumphant pilgrimage to Europe. Due to hard wood and fast growth, it became a popular tree for gardeners in the 18th century and at one time it was the main protagonist of the so-called "Agate mania". They were planted with great enthusiasm and in large quantities as an undemanding tree, especially on poor soils. However, the enthusiasm faded over time and the agate became a little-desired "weed" among the trees. It is extremely resistant to industrial fumes, it is poorly tolerated with other trees or fruit trees. To this day, however, it is a