• Liam Smith

SCOTUS Decision MADE, not coming soon…

Supreme Court has quietly ended the debate over universal vaccination.

Written by: Silver Eagle

The mainstream media has been touting an ever-expansive revolving door of “legal (not LAW) professors” (pay-for-results kind) over the last few weeks. Talking about the Supreme Court of the United States of America taking up on January 7th, 2022; the Biden administrations last ditch effort to throw what’s left of The Bill of Rights and US Constitution on out-the-door – a.k.a. universal mandatory vaccination a.k.a. medical tyranny/ enslavement. In the meantime, a major victory was won to the deafening silence of the mainstream media. A lawsuit filed by a group of scientists, with US Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the helm (earlier in 2021). Challenged Big Pharma, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others to prove that any of the “vaccines” over the past forty years are/were safe.

URGENT: Supreme Court Has Canceled Universal Vaccination In the United States - best news here

“Safe” is such a finicky term that is highly dependent on context and situation. Vaccines have nor ever will be a cure; vaccines are merely weakened down pathogens (microbes/ viruses). Injected into a subject's body, to promote a person’s own immune system’simmune response”. Maybe you have heard the term “herd immunity” (remember we are chattel or ”cattle”) carelessly thrown around the past few years or so? Herd immunity is a theory, that if you deliberately expose (inject) the entire herd with a “virus”. That this action will spur the immune system in the collective to create antibodies to destroy said pathogen (microbe/ virus) creating immunity for the whole. Sound good and all, but there are a few big hitches in this theory. First, the immune system already does this naturally in an individual, when they come in contact with pathogen(s). Secondly, why would you deliberately expose anyone to a pathogen they hadn’t already came into contact with or possibly ever come into contact with? The third thing is the public’s awareness of seasonal ailments like cold, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, etc...