• Svetlana Bornayová

Symbolism and History of Plants - Symbol and Symbolism

Written by Svetlana Bornayová, Slovakia

Many professional and lay works deal with this topic and the meaning of the word symbol has been described and perfectly explained in many dictionaries or encyclopedias. So, if we don't want to "discover America", just use the ready-made characteristic from one of them:

"It is a representation representing a certain spiritual reality or a visible sign of a hidden reality. As a means of obvious, confidential or secret agreement, it represents a concrete and abstract sign of meaning. A symbol can be an imaginary or real phenomenon with allegorical content, or just a concept, replacing the essence of other specific phenomena or concepts. By convention, basically anything can become a symbol: phenomena of living and inanimate nature, man and his life manifestations, numbers, colors, unknown phenomena, supernatural beings and phenomena and the like. The symbol may be the phenomenon itself or its verbal or graphic expression, which replaces this phenomenon and evokes its image in persons familiar with the content of the symbol. "

Symbols have already become part of thinking and a means of communication between people, products and objects of real and irrational human action on the threshold of the development of human society. They e