• Patriotic Poet

Symbolism Will be Their Downfall

Written by: Patriotic Poet 10-12-2021

Symbolism Will be Their Downfall

symbolism will be their downfall

signatures signed by the evil cabal

hidden in plain view of sight

some sublime and some are slight

covering one eye depicts the phallus

in your face, oh how callous

the all seeing eye flashed everywhere

out in the open they just don’t care

hand sign of the 6 6 6 is not ok

number of the devil on full display

holding it over just one eye

evil eye to signify

the hidden hand is an allegiance concealed

luciferian agenda publicly revealed

on display for all to see

look how brazen they can be

secret handshake when they meet

in satans name is how they greet

letting us know just who they are

minds so evil, black as tar

devils horns are flashed up high

blatantly displaying where loyalties lie

devotions are clear for all to see

just how demonic these things can be

red shoes worn upon the feet

flesh of their murdered walk the street

trophies of the ones they’ve killed

innocent blood is drunk and spilled

finger held up to the lips

vow of silence to satan worships

break your vows you pay the price

you know the devil does not play nice