• Patriotic Poet

The Bane of our Existence

Written by: Patriotic Poet 10-22-2021

The Bane of our Existence

No more the bane of our existence

we are now the new resistance

we’re here to win the final war

tyrannical rule shall be no more

The walls are all now crumbling down

from hallowed halls up to the crown

all of the lies are being exposed

executions happen after being deposed

We know and see what you have done

there is no place for you to run

and yes we really have it all

your backs up lined against a wall

Our righteous place is to be free

this is how life is suppose to be

we’re cleaning up after all the trash

then we’ll watch you burn and crash

You’ll have to answer to a higher power

and unto divine love you can only cower

you psychopaths really are all insane

this is the end of your evil reign

Darkness consumed by its own volition

no forgiveness, it’s by omission

we shall rejoice when its said and done

we’re winning battles the war is won

Patriotic Poet