• Patriotic Poet

The Covid Shot

Written by:: Patriotic Poet 10-1-2021

The Covid Shot

There you lie dead from the covid shot,

You thought it was safe, but it was not.

You bought the “science” the msm spun,

The swab gave morgellons, yet you weren’t done.

A mask limits oxygen you were supposed to breathe in,

You suffocated brain cells, I call that a sin.

You believed all the hype and self locked in your home,

Don’t see family or friends, be afraid to roam.

Keep washing your hands, you’re so full of germs,

There’s a new anal swab, please read all the terms.

When did gates become a doctor, he’s a eugenist you know,

He wants us all dead, all lined up in a row.

The cabal feeds on fear, they create it in droves,

These cannibals cook you on top of their stoves.

They drink your adrenochrome, from children is best,

And pedophiles delight in killing the rest.

Klaus says own nothing and be happy he stated,

To him we are chattel, despised and hated.

Learn for yourself, do some research and think,