• Vezuel

The Slavs are to play their Historical Role.

Written by: Vezuel

A scientific revolution awaits Slavs in the knowledge of the spiritual nature of man. It will be a new kind of revolution. Revolution of moral-psychological-religious and a pure Slav/Slovak soul with a natural desire for synthesis will be the opposite of the over-technological Western world based on the material achievements of science and technology.

It is important to understand what our job is and to start working on ourselves. It won't be easy. These are rhythms that last for centuries and millennia, but a great culture is always prepared in small, so even today it could be something of an example, how the Slavs could approach the solution of world problems.

We have the talent to find creative solutions that are not based on technical, but on a mental principle - the ability of Slavs to see and feel with the heart. Many psychological-moral-religious virtues can replace technical solutions that will be useless because people will be different.

For example, you may have newest medical device worth hundreds of millions dollars and high standard of living. But you can instead have people who have a harmonious and pure mental life in some way and will not have certain vices, and therefore will not have the disease. You will save hundreds of millions of dollars on devices. It is an example of another path of Slavism. Instead of a perfect machine, we will look for a way to bring up a beautiful and harmonious human personality.

Each circle of nations has its strengths and weaknesses. Slavs also have beautiful but also "unhappy" qualities that hinder them. The task of each nation is to rework its weaknesses and to develop virtues and gifts into gift for the whole world culture.

We live in the period of the Archangel Sun Michael since the end of the nineteenth century and his period will last for another two hundred years. That period was here in the days of classical Greece, when the great Greek philosophers lived, democracy prevailed in the 6th - 4th century BC.