• Patriotic Poet

The Winds of War

Written by: Patriotic Poet 10-6-2021

The Winds of War

the winds of war bring turmoil and change

life for a while may seem a bit strange

everything seems to be up in the air

while others seem like they just don’t care

should we be worried or just carry on

patriotism is standing strong

some may come and others will stay

it all had to happen just this way

the battle continues mostly unseen

wisdom warriors are most keen

trust the plan and stand your ground

you’ll be needed so stick around

a final outcome is impossible to see

just how everything is supposed to be

have no regrets and carry on

tomorrow brings another dawn

keep the faith and guard your soul

heaven above is in full control

plans were made so long ago

victory comes soon, end to our foe

Patriotic Poet

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