• Silver Eagle

They are after the kids, Now...

Written by: Silver Eagle

Also this video presentation is a must watch and share. To help you arm yourself further:

This is Essential Information (unitednewschannel.org)

Children are supposed to be children. To have adventures while making friends and having fun while learning and teaching themselves about the world. This and it is equally as important is to use their imaginations to create what is to come, that doesn't already exist.

Though attacks on the children, is centuries old with the darkest being the perversion of the child's innocents by an unearthly group of abominations known as pedovore's (a sexual predator of children; who uses cohesion, extreme violence and homicide to achieve their heightened sexual gratification).

Another equally diabolical ploy is to disrupt a child's nature by introducing highly experimental and in many cases disease causing bioweapons called immunizations and vaccines. That damage the child's delicate developing neurological, cardiovascular systems to create the next generation of consumption based slaves. Dependent on medicines to stay alive to just exist.

The above video is a correlation of multiple people figuring out what the push to vaccinate the kids with this highly experimental bioweapon is really about. Please watch, share and discuss with others. Arm yourself well for the coming battle to save the children and ourselves.