• Patriotic Poet

Truth and Justice

Written by: Patriotic Poet 9-30-2021

Truth and Justice

Truth and justice can set us free,

able to live life as it was meant to be.

White hats, black hats, battling it out,

MSM spreading lies and doubt.

Digital warriors weapons are words,

the media’s “reporting” is for the birds.

Machines that can vote should be illegal,

whatever happened to flag and eagle.

Warfare fought between evil and good,

Soldiers; Flynn, Sydney, and Lin Wood.

Military Soldiers are winning the battle,

humans in d.u.m.b.s. rescued, are not food or chattel.

Poisoning air and food and water,

poison “vaccine” every son and daughter.

Transhumanism wants your spirit and soul,

genetically modified, no longer whole.

GMO humans can be patented and owned,

nefarious psychopaths keep themselves cloned.

Common Law needs to make a return,

from admiralty rule, did humanity learn.