• Patriotic Poet

Ultimate Distraction

Written by: Patriotic Poet 10-18-2021

Ultimate Distraction

So what is the ultimate distraction

what has been the plan all along

What is the the worst that could happen

how are so many wrong

Twists and turns of a crooked path

thieves dissuade truth from lie

Connecting the dots of sinister plans

seeing how the threads all tie

Look over here, look over there

fear and distractions commingled

Keep your eye off the prize

panic and disbelief bemingled

Turn your back and walk away

save yourself forget the others

Is this how humanity behaves

brothers fighting against brothers

In the end just who will win

what do you hope to gain

The last one standing has nothing left

this to me sounds insane

To disconnect from ones true source

leaves us as dust in the wind

Have we forgotten who we are

have all the saints now sinned