• Bright Eyes

Vaccine Wars: Vax v Un-Vaxxed, it’s Really About Right to Choose

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Written by: Bright Eyes

Everyday, Americans make choices. What clothes to wear in the morning, where to get your haircut, what time to walk the dog, when to go to bed. We have made these choices generally free from coercion and with our own best interests in mind. What has happened over decades is that many Americans have stopped making decisions for themselves and started to let State and Federal Government make decisions for them. If these entities had our best interests at heart, this might not be such a problem. This is where it gets tricky. Up until the pandemic most Americans thought we were free to choose how we shopped, work or traveled.

Due to the spread of Covid19 and the multiple coronavirus variants, the American government under the control of the Liberal Biden administration has begun to unroll the very fascist rules of required Mask mandates for work, school, and travel. Americans are now being told to get ready for forced vaccinations, and vaccine passports.