• Patriotic Poet

We Are Consciousness Having a Spiritual Experience

Written by: Patriotic Poet 10-4-2021

We Are Consciousness Having a Spiritual Experience

Are you aware of your own consciousness

and just where does it dwell

Is it in your head or heart

and have you found it, I pray do tell

The breath of life brings each of us here

a heartbeat brings grace to the day

The winding roads we travel upon

gives adventures along the way

Being connected and being aware

brings consciousness front and center

Deep within our roots grow strong

grounded for any venture

With an open mind we see the truth

and awaken those who will hear

Freedom unshackles those entrapped

releasing our soul from fear

We are only here for a drop in time

experiencing life through understanding

Each life unique and such a gift

each holds their own forbearing

A moment in time and then we are gone

and go back from whence we came