• Sacred Soul Art by Artist Natasha Pavey

What are soul codes?

Written by: Sacred Soul Art Artist Natasha Pavey

Soul code energy reading - A blueprint of your soul 💜

What are soul codes? As conscious beings of light, all of us vibrate at differing and unique frequencies. Deep within ourselves each of us holds a blueprint of our souls wisdom, gifts and experiences. Past, present and future, which run alongside one another. This blueprint contains light codes that are sacred and unique to you. How do I receive them? I channel these soul codes using my inner vision, through tuning into your energetic field. Somewhat like a soul compass assisting you to retrace all aspects of self. What are they for? Each symbol holds the purest frequency of divine love, and so supports you wholly as your unique journey unfolds. How to use them… Ways to use your soul codes: In your meditation practice. Carry them with you for well-being support. Sit with them and see what comes to mind, note it down. Place them by your bed side and see what insights you receive during dream time. In any way that feels right for you, tuning into your souls unique and sacred frequency. You receive 3 soul codes personal to you, which are created into an A5 piece of digital artwork. To purchase this soul code energy reading please visit my shop.