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What is God?

Written by: Patriotic Poet 3/27/2022

What is God?

I have pondered that question for many a day

I have been thinking long of what I could say

If “God” is not a “who” but is really a “what”

my days of pondering, well that door is shut

Just as we can see only a spectrum of light

our ability to think can be only a limited plight

Comprehension has its constraint as a bane

thinking too much, well it can drive me insane

I came to a conclusion and to me it makes sense

this is my own insight I’m saying in my defense

There are many “Gods” whom cultures adore

I prefer to say “Creator” it resonates in my core

Consciousness is the Creator, the creating light

who spoke life into existence, everything in sight

Words are a vibrational energy spoken into time

brought all into being, yes it’s majesty is sublime

We each have a conscious and are one with it all

collectively we all matter and must all hear the call

The day of awakening is at our very door today

are you answering the questions adrift in the fray

Collective consciousness is slowly being awakened

once you understand you’ll no longer be frightened

An awakened murmuration of love is so much needed

the insight of artists, sages and poets have long pleaded

When all is said and at last the adventure is done

will be our day of victory and we all will have won

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