• Sacred Soul Art by Artist Natasha Pavey

You are Infinite-Light

Sacred Soul Art by: Artist Natasha Pavey

You are infinite, a beautiful multidimensional being of unconditional love. 💜 This light language transmission brings to you the unconditional love of the universe, the light codes of the pure essence of creation. Reminding you of how loved and sacred you are. 💜 Even though times can be challenging at this time on earth, this transmission is a gentle reminder to find the love of the universe within you; within your heart. The heart center is your connection, your sacred key and link to the universal love of the divine creator. You are never alone, you are safe, protected and unconditionally loved at all times.

Thank you for being here 💜 Take a few deep breaths and relax. Let the light language flow through you whilst absorbing the energies from the fractal artwork.

Digital fractal artwork created by me - Sacred Soul art. “Infinite” created in 2021. Prints are available to purchase from my online shop: https://www.sacredsoulart.co.uk